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Asbestos Removal Case Studies

Asbestos Removal Birmingham - Core Environmental Services

Project – 100m Service Duct
Sector   – Education
Service – Asbestos Removal & Re-instatement Works

Asbestos Removal Birmingham - Core Environmental

100m Service Duct Project an Enormous Success

After a successful tender stage, Core Environmental where appointed to carry out the removal and re-instatement of 1400m of hardset Asbestos pipe insulation within a 100m Service Duct. The client required the project to be completed within a 10 week heating shutdown programme (8 weeks removal, 2weeks re-instatement).

Core Environmental developed a bespoke programme of works which involved the Service Duct being segregated into two phased areas allowing re-instatement works to 50℅ of the Service Duct to be undertaken 3 weeks earlier than anticipated.

The removal process was carried out using a controlled wetting system, approximately 7,500 litres of a 10-1 dust suppressant and water mix was injected into the Asbestos pipe insulation, in excess of 3000 bags of asbestos waste was removed during the contracts duration.

Upon completion of the removal works Core Environmental applied a 6mm resin floor screed to the complete length of the Service Duct prior to re-insulating the pipework.

The project was completed to programme and to budget, we would like to thank all employees involved for their hard work and contribution in making the project an enormous success and a contract that the company can be proud of.

Asbestos Removal Birmingham - Core Environmental



Project – Gable End walls
Sector   – Manufacturing
Service – Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Birmingham - Core Environmental

Removal of AIB and cement gable ends to occupied manufacturing factory

The works carried out involved the removal of two gable end walls which were fabricated from AIB wall panels (internal) and cement sheets (external). The work required completing in a five week period and had to be undertaken in a manner that would allow the daily running operations of the factory to continue.

A purpose built three tier scaffold was erected to both the internal and external side of the gable ends to enable enclosures to be formed. Monoflex weather proof sheeting was applied to the external areas of scaffolding to protect against the outdoor elements. Approximately 600sqm of AIB and cement sheets were removed using controlled wetting techniques.

The whole project was delivered on schedule and to budget with no disruption to the client’s manufacturing operations, another job well done, a credit to all those involved with the project.

Asbestos Removal Birmingham - Core Environmental



Project – NHS Hospital
Service – Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Birmingham - Core Environmental

After a successful tender application Core Environmental were awarded its largest single contract to date. The works consisted of the complete asbestos removal from a six storey hospital block prior to major refurbishment works. The works involved the removal of multiple ASM’s throughout the building:

* 800 linear metres of pipe insulation within 27 vertical services risers to all floors, works included the demolition of service riser brickwork and removal of firebreaks between floors.

* 200 linear metres of insulation to external flat roof of building which required specialist scaffold enclosures to be formed and tied into the building due to the six storey height. All scaffold equipment had to be externally hoisted via a mobile crane to the flat roof to avoid any disruption to the hospital’s daily activity.

* 200 linear metres of insulation debris within ceiling void which required the complete break out under fully controlled conditions of the re-enforced concrete ceiling soffit.

* 50 linear metres of pipe insulation within floor duct system.

*80 square metres of sprayed coating debris to ceiling soffit which required specialist controlled dustless mechanical grit blasting.

* Various AIB firebreaks and panelling.

* Various cement based products and Bitumen floor adhesive.

The time frame of the removal works was critical as all ACM’s were required to be removed prior to the commencement date of a multi-million pound refurbishment programme. To enable the time frame to be meet Core Environmental placed an on-site management team to oversee the running of the contract, a programme of works was developed by Core Environmental which enabled multiple teams of operatives to undertake multiple phases of work simultaneously.

The contract was delivered on time and on budget prior to the commencement date of the multi-million pound refurbishment project.



Project – Shopping Centre
Service – Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Birmingham - Core Environmental

Core environmental were the selected to carry out a large scale asbestos removal contract to an occupied shopping precinct. The works involved the safe removal of various asbestos containing materials throughout the precinct mall areas and retail units. To avoid disruption to the daily operation of the precinct a programme of works was developed in-conjunction with the client which incorporated normal and out of hours working.

Where retail units were void properties works were carried out on day shifts with access into the retail units gained from the rear loading deck areas this eliminated any requirement to enter the mall areas and avoid any contact with the general public. Removal to the mall areas was carried out on nights, the areas were broke down into manageable phased areas which could be completed in a single night. The contract was carried out over a 3 month period with all phased works completed on time, within budget and with no disruption to the daily activity of the shopping centre.



Project – Grade 2 Listed Building
Service – Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Birmingham - Core Environmental

After a serious fire to a land mark listed building Core Environmental were appointed to carry out the safe removal and clean-up of multiple asbestos containing materials including sprayed limpet to ceiling soffits, insulation to pipework and boilers and AIB wall panelling. A strategic work method had to be adopted which would enable the asbestos clean-up works and propping of the building structure to be carried out in a safe controlled manner. Once the clean-up works and propping of the building structure were completed and the area made safe the removal of the remaining ACM’s could commence. This involved all asbestos contaminated mechanical plant and pipework being dismantled and disposed as contaminated waste, sprayed limpet to ceiling soffit was removed using controlled wetting techniques and dustless mechanical grit blasting.



Project – DIY SOS
Service – Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Birmingham - Core Environmental

Core Environmental are proud to be involved with helping the DIY SOS team with one of their projects.



Project – Zoo
Service – Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Birmingham - Core Environmental

Asbestos encapsulation works to boiler room within reptile house, the client required a solution to an asbestos problem that prevented safe access and maintenance to the boiler room. The client’s issue was that the heating system has to remain operation throughout the year to maintain a constant temperature for the reptile’s welfare. As temperatures within the boiler room would exceed a safe working environment with the heating on and the insulation removed we recommended full encapsulation of the asbestos insulation and environmental clean of the boiler room. A cold air management system was incorporated into the enclosure to reduce the ambient working temperature of the boiler room, Core Environmental constructed a sealed ventilation system through the enclosure to enable clean fresh air to be supplied to the boilers to enable them to remain operational whilst the asbestos works were carried out. All asbestos insulation was fully encapsulated and all surfaces environmentally cleaned the works where completed without and issues or any effects to the reptile’s wellbeing.



Project – Tower Block
Service – Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Birmingham - Core Environmental

Asbestos removal project to two 17 storey tower blocks containing approximately 70 occupied flats in each block. The work involved the removal of asbestos insulation packing to soil and vent pipes and the decontamination of bathroom service risers. Close liaison with the housing association was required as residents were required to be vacated from their properties for the two day duration required to undertake the works to each individual flat. The works were carried out over a four month period with refurbishment works by other trades following on as we complete the asbestos removal to each property. The works were highly sensitive as it involved working in occupied residential properties with numerus third parties and other trades involved, the contract was completed on programme without any complications.



Project – Queensway Tunnel
Service – Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Birmingham - Core Environmental

Core Environmental were appointed to carry out the controlled shadow vacuum drilling and installation of approximately 5,000 fixing points to asbestos textured coated surface to the fabric of the tunnels to enable new electrical cabling, lighting and ventilation ductwork to be installed. The programme of work was governed by a six week road closure of the tunnels and required 12 hour shift working on days and nights seven days a week to meet the programme completion date. Core Environmental worked in-conjunction with the mechanical and electrical engineers to ensure all fixing points were in the exact location to enable correct alignment of all mechanical and electrical equipment.






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